Works and lives in Mexico City

Jimena Schaepfer's art melds ancient mythologies with modern environmental advocacy. Through painting, weaving, and sculpture, she explores the dance between nature's cyclicality and human cultural identity. With inspiration from 19th-century biologist Ernst Haeckel, her pieces evoke a blend of the abstract and organic, presenting dreamlike visions of primordial worlds interspersed with personal realities

The subject of nature and the attempt to create my own cosmogony, based and inspired by the mythologies of various ancient cultures, is a constant in my work. On the other hand, it is important to mention that for me art has the visual and formal power to investigate, explore and express areas of action for the conservation and defense of our planet. From painting, drawing, weaving and sculpture my practice explores the field of Mythology; I am interested in it as a way of understanding our societies and cultural identity. On the other hand, my work tries to capture my fascination with nature: a universe in perpetual metamorphosis, a world governed by a cyclical order in which an endless struggle of forces is manifested that surpasses us as individuals but at the same time nourishes us.

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